Website Design Process

Clients often ask how the website design process works. Here is an overview.

We start with a meeting, in person or on the phone, to discuss your brand, your preferences and what the goal of your website is (ex: to sell a product or to have someone make an appointment with your sales team.) We also talk about the structure, flow and pages involved in your website to come up with your website “map”.

When you decide to move forward, I will send over a contract to be completed and 50% of the total is due via check or PayPal. At this point you will send over all text, photos, logos and other elements you want included in your website design. This part is crucial and will be the most time consuming for you. Expect to put in at least 5 hours for a small website and up to 20 for a medium sized one. We may also decide to purchase stock photos or hire a photographer to ensure your website looks its best. I can also recommend one if you do not have one.

Once that is complete, I design your website for review. It will likely need a number of tweaks and changes to get it where we want it, but will be heading in the right direction.

Then you review the design and we follow up with a meeting in person or on the phone to discuss any changes to the layout, text, page or other design elements.

With feedback in mind, I make website updates or changes that we discuss.  You then review the second version of the website design and we follow up with another meeting in person or on the phone to discuss any tweaks or changes that still need to made. At this point the website will be much closer to its launch ready iteration.

With this feedback in mind I present you the final website design. Very rarely does anyone need further rounds of revisions, but if you do they will provided for an additional fee. Once your final payment is submitted (the remaining 50% plus possibly the cost of any stock photos or additional rounds of revisions if needed), I launch your website!

At this point I also provide you a 30-45 minute tutorial on how to edit your website including text and photos. I promise its as easy as editing a Word Document.

This entire process can take as few as 2 weeks, if you start off with your text and images ready to go and your website layout in mind. I recommend looking around at other websites for similar businesses to get an idea of what you do and don’t like.


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